About Mountain Movers

My story is the same story I’ve heard from countless people from the east coast that now reside here. I came on vacation to visit and when I did, I was amazed by how nice people were here. I went to a taco stand, paid for my food and after everything was done the cashier came up to me and asked me how my day was going. At first I thought this kid was crazy and my knee jerk reaction was to tell this guy I didn’t have any money for him, but after a second it dawned on me that he had no ulterior motives for this conversation and was just being nice…. It was at this moment I knew this was the place I wanted to live and start a family.

Now I really feel like I’m part of that culture here. I’ve gotten the chance to meet SO many wonderful people here and they love us. Most of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We are definitely a small part of the community here and we do our best to carry on that Austin legacy of southern hospitality and respectfulness. Everybody I hire is born and raised in Texas and a good attitude is the number 1 requirement.

– Jason Radomsky Founder Mountain Movers ATX

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We’re Proud of Our Moving Team

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Core Values In Our Moving Company

There are more qualities than you think that comprise an excellent mover. You have to be smart, personable, dependable, adaptable to different situations, careful, respectful, good at puzzles, have a basic understanding of math, trustworthy, etc. I could keep going.. However at Mountain Movers ATX we believe those are all ancillary to 3 main characteristics that are non-negotiable to work here, and they are:

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You can be the nicest, smartest, friendliest guy in the world, however that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t physically move someone.

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We take integrity very seriously here. If someone has an accident they will notify you immediately of any damages and accept responsibility. Our goal is to make absolutely sure that our customers have nothing but complete trust with us as a company. The first time someone demonstrates dishonesty they are terminated immediately.

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There are LOTS of movers in Austin, but are they fun? Do they make the stress of moving disappear with their demeanor and friendly attitudes? Our competitive advantage besides being excellent movers is the attitude of the employees. You really have to be fun to work here. This is a very real value we provide and if you look through our reviews online it’s a theme you will see repeated over and over.


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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, to arrange your movers, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!