These Are FAQs

What can I do to make everything as efficient as possible for my team?

Excellent Question! The most important factor outside of our control will be how prepared you are for your move. Your final bill will be directly correlated with how prepared you are so please help us and help yourself by:

-Making sure all boxes are completely packed and sealed
-Consolidating lose items as much as possible
-Removing all items from inside furniture and refrigerators
-If possible leave a pathway so that the movers have access to the items they need as they need them for the loading process
-Securing all small children and pets
-Removing all items that we cannot transport and/or items that you want to take personally

Can you explain the booking process?

Information Submittal

Contact us through our website, give us a call or get in contact with us through one of our many channels of brokers that we do business with. The information submittal may be different if you book through a 3 rd party company, however you can be sure that we will contact you ASAP as soon as we receive your information.

Phone Consultation

After you submit your information to us we will conduct a phone consultation. During this time we will drill down into the exact scope of the job and make sure we coordinate with you to go over the logistics and what to expect. The objective of this call is to get a good understanding of the job so that

A: there are no surprises for either party and we can all be prepared for the job, and

B: we set a reasonable expectation of the job duration so that you can estimate the cost and we can estimate the resources needed for scheduling purposes.

Confirmation Email

After we conduct the phone consultation, we will send you a confirmation email. This email will contain all the information you need and will give everyone a record of the appointment so there is no confusion.

Continued Contact

After you receive your confirmation email, you’re good to go! We will give you a call the day before to confirm that everything is ready for the next day, and then again the day of the move when the team is on their way.

What happens if something is damaged?

Please see the following link that outlines our damage policy.

Should I tip my movers?

As with any service industry, tipping is not required but it is greatly appreciated. We pay our guys very well so that we can keep a strong team, however if you feel they did an outstanding job you can let them know with a tip and a thank you.

Don’t have any extra money for a tip but very satisfied? You can always write a review letting everyone know how awesome the guys were and that will help ensure they continue to have lots of work. It costs nothing and helps everyone.

Should I take all my clothes/belongings out of my dressers/nighstand/desk or can I leave them in there?

For our safety and the survivability of your furniture we ask that you remove all contents from all furniture before the move. Some pieces of furniture are already extremely heavy and if they’re full of items they can become dangerously heavy. Also furniture is not designed to be loaded down with heavy items and then transported. If you fail to remove the contents from furniture we will not be held liable for subsequent damages.

Is there anything my team will not transport?

Yes, by law and by company policy we cannot transport:

-Flammable/Explosive materials (Paint, gasoline, propane, etc)
-Air tanks or any kind of compressed gasses
-High Value jewelry
-Refrigerators with food items inside
-Cleaning chemicals
-Perishable food items
-Uncrated stone countertop or valuable stone pieces of any kind

Will you guys disassemble/reassemble my beds?

Yes of course! Our teams disassemble and reassemble beds everyday and will be more than happy to help.

Are you guys licensed and insured?

Yes we are fully insured for every aspect of your move! You can check this information for any moving company by going to the TXDMV website ( and entering our USDOT# 3352346. We highly recommend doing this research on any prospective company you’d like to hire.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Credit or Venmo. However we prefer cash or venmo as they don’t charge a 3% processing fee.

** We are currently passing this fee to customers **

What are the best ways to tip the movers?

The best way to tip the guys is either cash or Venmo/Cashapp. You can also tip on a card but this is not preferred.

When does the hourly rate start and finish?

The clock starts when the team arrives at the job and finishes when the last item is placed in your home. Most companies charge whats called “port to port” which means they charge you by the hour as soon as they are en route to your job AND they will add the return drive time onto your bill at the end of the move. We don’t think that’s right as you’re not getting as much value for your money when the guys are driving back, however we do need to make sure everyone is paid for their time, so to keep everyone happy we only charge a flat trip charge. (usually $60 for local moves)

Will the team hang my TV’s and wall art?

Unfortunately we cannot. Our movers are not allowed to drill into walls at any time. It is a liability risk we cannot take. A quick google search for a handyman can find someone who will, or we will be happy to recommend a pre-approved supplier that we work with on a regular basis.

Can I help the guys with the move?

You can do as much or as little work on your move as you’d like, however we ask that you please don’t get on the truck or truck ramp. We will gladly hand you down items from the truck so you can run them.

Can I ride in the truck to the destination with the movers?

Unfortunately no, because of insurance liabilities we cannot have unauthorized personnel in the work trucks. Commercial Auto is a very expensive coverage.