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We’re the highest rated moving company in West Lake Hills with hundreds of happy customers. Can’t wait for you to join them.

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What makes us different from other moving companies in West Lake Hills?

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Worry Free Damage Guarantee

Moving can be a stressful undertaking. Only the finest companies will “put their money where their mouth is” and provide additional damage coverage at no extra cost. We pride ourselves in being the finest in town. For more information…

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On Time Guarantee

At Mountain Movers, we understand that your time is valuable and as part of our commitment to excellent customer service we guarantee we will arrive on within your allotted window or we will discount your final moving price.

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No Hidden Fees

After years of working in the moving industry, we have learned that part of our job is to make sure that our customers have complete trust and confidence in us as the best moving company in West Lake Hills (usually this happens about halfway through the job).


We Do NOT Tolerate Hidden Fees. We HATE Them. With Us – There Are NO Hidden Fees. Ever.

The hourly rate is exactly what it sounds like, all moves are charged by our hourly rate and it includes everything, I.E. tools, dollies, blankets, wrap, truck, etc. The clock starts when the team arrives at your home and it stops when they place the last item into your new home. (Most companies charge “port to port” which means they start the clock when they leave their shop and then add the travel time to get back into the bill) we don’t think that’s fair so we only charge a flat travel fee.

The travel fee is a small one-time flat rate to cover fuel and mileage on the trucks we send out to your job. Typically if you are only traveling within a 15 mile radius of our shop it is only $40. Most jobs fall under this minimum charge. If you are going out of town (2/+Hrs) or out of state, the cost will be greater and we only charge the hourly rate for working hours.

If you have any items that are 400Lbs or more we do charge a $100 fee. These are very rare and include items such as Pianos, Gun Safes and industrial equipment. If you do not notify us of these type of items and we don’t have the necessary manpower/equipment to move the item we may refuse to transport said item as we will not risk injury to our movers.

We charge a 3% processing fee on all credit/debit card purchases. You can avoid this fee by paying cash or venmo. All payments are due at the end of the job.

Moving Services in West Lake Hills (North & South Austin)

“Jason and Tim helped me move into my apartment. They completed the job quickly and carefully. They were also extremely friendly and gave me some good tips about the area. I would definitely recommend Mountain Movers to a friend!” – Ben Soder, our client (verified Google review)

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We offer hassle-free residential moving services covering both North and South Austin.

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We offer hassle-free commercial moving services covering both North and South Austin.



We offer hassle-free packing services covering both North and South Austin.


Proudly Serving Austin & Travis / Williamson County

We promise you – you won’t find a better moving company in the entire Austin, TX (and surrounding areas).

North Austin

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing Services

South Austin

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  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing Services

About Mountain Movers

My story is the same story I’ve heard from countless people from the east coast that now reside here. I came on vacation to visit and when I did, I was amazed by how nice people were here. I went to a taco stand, paid for my food and after everything was done the cashier came up to me and asked me how my day was going. At first I thought this kid was crazy and my knee jerk reaction was to tell this guy I didn’t have any money for him, but after a second it dawned on me that he had no ulterior motives for this conversation and was just being nice…. It was at this moment I knew this was the place I wanted to live and start a family.

Now I really feel like I’m part of that culture here. I’ve gotten the chance to meet SO many wonderful people here and they love us. Most of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We are definitely a small part of the community here and we do our best to carry on that Austin legacy of southern hospitality and respectfulness. Everybody I hire is born and raised in Texas and a good attitude is the number 1 requirement.

– Jason Radomsky Founder Mountain Movers ATX

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The guys that helped me move were fantastic!!! They were quick, polite, and enjoyable to talk to. I made a very good choice in hiring them.


Jordan and Tyler are super helpful and professional. They moved out apartment quickly and helped us packed. 10/10 recommended. We would definitely work with them in the future.

Sam W

Jason and Tim helped me move into my apartment.  They were also extremely friendly and gave me some good tips about the area. I would definitely recommend Mountain Movers to a friend!

Ben Soder

Jason and Tim helped move items from my place into the Penske truck. They even went above and beyond to help us load and secure my vehicle onto the trailer (at another location)! Very friendly, polite, knowledgeable and fast! I am moving out of the area, however if I wasn’t, they would definitely be my go-to company for moving. Plan on recommending them to friends located within the Austin area! Thank you Jason and Tim for both your hard work and helping make the move that much easier!!


It was my first time hiring movers and it Jordan and Caleb came in and got right to work. They were efficient and professional. I would recommend.

Amy Morgan

After my previous moving company bailed on me I was worried about finding reliable movers but luckily I called Mountain Movers and they took excellent care of me. The guys were kind and worked hard. Took a massive stress off. 

Fairy Philosphy

with Patrick and Mitchell and how hard they worked to move my one bedroom. I have used other moving companies where I hire 3 movers and always takes about 5-6 hours but them two took under 4 hours including a 22 mile commute. 

Karla Avila

 They showed up right on time and both Jordan and JC worked non- stop on what was a steamy hot day!  They carefully moved furniture and boxes from our home to a storage unit with absolutely no issues on my part.  When we did have time to talk I found them both to be very personable, friendly and courteous.   I will again be calling upon Mountain Movers in a few months when our apartment is ready.   I will recommend without hesitation Mountain Movers to anyone!

Edd Cavuto

 They moved all my stuff from my apartment into my moving trailer. They even helped my mom move my dad’s walker & wheelchair into the trailer so we can make room in my vehicle for more fragile items. If I would of known they could of moved me to my new apartment an hour away I would of done that! Thanks guys! I appreciate the hard work and will be call you again for my next move!!

Misty Smith

 I had two movers, and both of them were extremely friendly and down to earth. Not only that, but they worked hard to be as fast as possible and were very accommodating with their time. I appreciated their professionalism, friendliness, and responsiveness so much. 10/10 recommend!

Alyssa Gordon