Worry Free Damage Guarantee

Moving can be a stressful undertaking. Only the finest companies will “put their money where their mouth is” and provide additional damage coverage at no extra cost. We pride ourselves in being the finest in town.

This policy allocates up to $1,000 per move to repair, replace, or provide a cash settlement for any item damaged by our movers during the moving process. This goes way beyond the state required minimum of $.60/lb per article adhered to by most other moving companies and provides more peace of mind for your move.

For more information on our policy, an overview of what items are not covered, and an overview of what actions to take to file a damage claim, please see the information below.

What’s NOT covered:

Boxes packed by the owner

We do not cover items not packed by our professionals. If you would like to watch a company show you the correct way to pack fragile items we always refer customers to this YouTube video https://youtu.be/g-D0PE2XotQ

Damages resulting from items left inside furniture

Unless packing services are provided, we will not be held liable for subsequent damages from items left inside furniture. This includes damages to the items left in furniture as well as damages resulting to the furniture itself.

Pressed wood/Particle Board furniture (IKEA type furniture)

designed for low cost, this furniture is amateur homeowner assembled and simply not engineered to withstand the rigors of the moving process. We always do our best to keep these items wrapped and put them in a safe place however due to the fragile nature of this furniture we only offer the standard .60 cents/lb. on this type of item.

Lost or Missing items

All trucks are empty when they arrive and they are completely emptied and swept clean after every job, without exception.

Damages that occur to items not transported by our staff

When we load/unload a pod or rental truck we cover items that are damaged in the process, however we are not responsible for damages occur after we no longer have custody of your belongings. This includes while they are in transit.

Damages that occur from disconnecting/reconnecting water lines on appliances

As with any other reputable moving company we will not remove or install water lines on appliances. Our employees are great guys, but they are not plumbers. They are specifically instructed not to remove or install water lines unless you sign a waiver exempting us from any damages that occur as a result of said removal.

We will not move items from an attic space

Due to the fragile nature of most attic floors we will not move items from your attic. The movers will be glad to stand at the bottom and receive items as you hand them down.

The Claims Process

1. Once you notice any kind of damage either notify the movers during the move or send us pictures of the damage as well as any additional information regarding the item and send to our office. You can call us anytime at our office or send an email to the address that sent your confirmation.

‍2. After we have received all the information and speak with the guys about the circumstances of what happened we will contact you via telephone or email to notify you of how we will proceed within 2-3 days of first contact about the damages.

3. We will send out a pre-approved repair service to repair the damage or replace any broken parts.

4. If we conclude that the items cannot be repaired we will send a settlement check based on the current depreciated value of the damaged items.